“In my 40 plus years of supervising emerging therapists, few have made my top list as natural healers. Anthony is in this elite rank and demonstrates the highest levels of capability in therapeutic approaches. I have complete trust in him, his skills and his care for people.”

G. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Anthony Haskins

Anthony Haskins is a multidisciplinary mental health professional with a breadth and depth of training and experience real people in America deserve and need in this time of vitriolic rhetoric and divisiveness in everyday life.

Inspired by the work of Hans Selye, the “stress master,” Anthony has passionately focused his education, practice and now writing on spreading the power to understand, overcome and, in fact, harness the life stress that underlies much of mental illness and human suffering.

“My mission is to help alleviate stress and anxiety, which has become an
overwhelmingly normal experience in our existence, and which I believe to be the root cause of pain, illness, and suffering. It is our birthright to have an extraordinary life, filled with purpose, excitement, internal peace and joy. Facilitating people to claim that life is my mission.”

For almost 20 years now, Anthony has sat at the intersection of the “Dr. Phil” platform and the millions of viewers seeking to learn and grow. As the curator of information on the “evidenced-based therapies” espoused on the platform and facilitating the shows’ guests, in perhaps the highest stress-crisis transitional moments of their lives he has, to say the least,seen and dealt with it all.

Anthony has built a massive body of hands-on-experience under the tutelage of “Dr. Phil” himself and G. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., A.B.P.P., a premier brain scientist, pioneer in neuroplasticity and non-invasive neurologically-based treatments and Chairman of the “Dr. Phil” Advisory Board. He has also contributed to three of Dr. Lawlis’ books: PTSD Compass Reset, PyschoNeuroPlasticity Protocols for Addiction and his newest book, Healing Rhythms to Reset Wellness, as well as many of his articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

Having already earned his Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University and his Juris Doctorate from Southern Methodist University Law School, Anthony also continued his formal academic education.

He additionally completed the rigorous training for advanced professionals in Motivational Interviewing and Crisis Management at the University of North Texas Medical Science Center.

Anthony completed the course work and Residency requirements to become a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and separately received a Certified Master in Therapeutic Imagery from the American Hypnosis Association.

He is a certified Life Coach, a highly sought-after presenter to treatment program faculties, and frequently conducts seminars, corporate training events and webinars, all while maintaining a thriving private practice.

Anthony Haskins grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. Born into a family of extremely limited means, Anthony knew well what it meant to live with the stress of struggling just to get by. Eventually working his way to SMU Law School, he graduated and moved to Southern California, where he now works and resides with his wife and two young daughters.



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