Anthony Haskins

Anthony Haskins

I want to help you deal with the challenges of your life, the stresses, anxieties, despairs and illnesses.  I want to help you through it.   As we do, the internal obstacles to experiencing peace, joy, love and freedom will dissolve making way for the life you want and deserve.  I believe it is your birthright to have an extraordinary life. Let today be the day you give yourself the help you really need.  

Are you or a loved one dealing with addiction? I can help!

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Are you or a loved one dealing with addiction? I can help!




“Anthony has a unique way of speaking thought provoking powerful truth into the change process and has proved to be a trusted guide and catalyst for professional and personal growth for myself and my companies.”

Miles Adcox
CEO & Owner Onsite

"I have experienced a dramatic change in my life working with Anthony. He helped guide me through a transformation in body, mind, and soul. The results of his careful and intuitive approach are nothing short of miraculous. My life has been positively affected in all ways, including experiencing rapid career progression, vibrant health, and perhaps most significant to me, in my relationships. His counsel is worth his weight in gold and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Kristin Silady
Director, Communications Oprah Winfrey Network

"Anthony brings a pure heart of love and service combined with expert skills in multidisciplinary professional practices.  I highly recommend Anthony’s PsychoNeuroPlasticity consults for treatment centers and for individual clients who Anthony guides through life-changing work.  He has helped me and my businesses excel to the top level.”

Ben Levenson

Co-Founder of Origins Behavioral HealthCare

“In my 40 years of supervising emerging therapists, few have made my top list as natural healers. Anthony is in this elite rank and demonstrates the highest levels of capability in coaching and therapeutic approaches. I have complete trust in him, his skills and his care for people.”

Dr. Frank Lawlis
Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Anthony has helped me feel and experience the deep understanding that I am safe, worthy, and loved no matter the circumstances. His programs are easy to understand, highly reflective, effective, and meaningful. With Anthony's guidance, I've expanded my awareness of self and have drastically increased the quality of my life, career, relationships."

Anita Sheers
Make-up Artist.

It’s time to set you free.

It’s time to set you free.


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